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Rebbelith believes growing companies should have the opportunity to communicate their value directly to target investors through the most effective media, and that they shouldn't have to use their finite budget for the scattergun, imprecise PR agency work currently available.

So we ran a research project, and used our systems to identify exactly which media and journalists are valued by some of the busiest venture capital firms in the UK at the moment.

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Discover which media are most valued by 19 of the most active UK investment funds.

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Why is targeting essential?

Every team at a young company knows exactly how valuable their solution, product or service is. But for investors it may be less certain and this can make it hard to raise capital.

This means companies need to target the right media precisely and eliminate guesswork to get the results they want.

Active UK investment firms

Rebbelith examined 19 of the most active private investment firms in the UK according to their most recent deal activity. With the majority focused on technology, together they invest right across the development spectrum, from seed and early stage, series B and onwards, right through to scale-ups.

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Valued media

Rebbelith's systems then revealed 34 separate newspapers, magazines, podcasts, blogs and online new sites that are valued by these investors.

Growing companies can target these publications to get the most impact from their investor communications campaigns.

Of these, 9 publications had the most value.

Valued journalists

Rebbelith also identified 27 individual journalists valued by the investor firms.

Companies can now target the people whose coverage actually reaches investors.

There were 6 that had the most value across the sample of investor firms.

What can you do with this insight?

With this latest research from Rebbelith, growing companies can select for themselves those media that they may wish to target. This could be for current, upcoming or future publicity campaigns for reaching investors.

Importantly, they can now make those selections based on real-world audience data, rather than on the expensive approximations currently available from PR agencies.

The full research with interactive maps is available through the access table below.

If there’s a specific audience, group of key customers, investors, or if you already know which audience you want to target with your company’s media work, a bespoke research project can be built for you.

Rebbelith is a corporate & brand intelligence consultancy using interactive visual insight. We give organisations a truly competitive edge and help them make better decisions.

Our systems analyse media and networks at speed and scale anywhere in the world. This puts our clients in control, and helps them navigate complexity and uncertainty with confidence.

Access the full research here

Discover which media are most valued by 19 of the most active UK investment funds.

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